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Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Plant for sale

The vertical roller mill is the appropriate equipment for grinding and drying of wet materials. Grinding and drying can very efficiently be executed in one machine. Many materials can be ground in vertical roller mills such as coal, slag, cement, etc,. adaptations to mills and systems have to be made.

Vertical Roller Mill

The vertical roller mill fulfills 4 main functions in one compact piece of equipment: Grinding Drying Separation Transport

Grinding: The material is ground between rollers and grinding table while passing from the center of the table to the nozzle ring. The comminution method belongs to the most efficient grinding processes applied in the cement manufacturing.

Separation: The ground and dried material is lifted up with the drying gases. In the separator, the too coarse particles (tailings) are rejected to the grinding table. The fines leave the mill and are conveyed to a dust collector.

Drying: The process air consists mostly of waste gas from a kiln or cooler or is supplied by a hot gas generator. Drying occurs during transport through the grinding and separating process stage.

Transport: The drying gases are utilized to serve as conveying media. The first transport stage is the internal circulation and the second the separator. At last, the product is extracted from the separator and pneumatically conveyed to cyclones or a filter where the product is collected and fed to a silo. The clean gases are exhausted to the ambient and/or recirculated to the mill.

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