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Ball Mill for Clinker Grinding for Sale

The continuous ball mill has been used for more than 100 years and is still the most widely installed grinding equipment for clinker grinding. Cement is ground in tube ball mills operating either in open or closed circuit. The tube mills are characterized by their length/diameter (L/D) ratio with a ratio of 3 found to be best to minimize energy expenditure. The tube ball mills can be operated with one, two, or three compartments, and the length of each compartment should be designed to achieve optimum size distribution variation from feed to the discharge end.

Tube Ball Mill for Clinker Grinding

Special diaphragms divide the cylinders of multicompartment mills. The diaphragms are primarily designed to prevent loss of the balls to the next compartment while allowing the flow of ground material through the mill. The design of the diaphragm influences the fineness of the ground material.

Various shapes of mill liners have been developed for cement mills. The classifying liners for clinker grinding have a specific design. This lining causes a classification of the grinding ball sizes down the length of the mill. The grooved liner is usually used in the second or third compartment of the cement mill to produce a cascading motion which promotes abrasion breakage.

Operation of the tube ball mills is relatively well understood with several design and operating parameters of the ball milling operation affecting the mill efficiency and the quality of the cement produced.

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