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A significant upgrade for Mobile Tire Crusher

Recently, Formats Construction Machinery launched a new generation of tire type crusher, which named as K series mobile crusher. Compared with the old mobile tire crusher, The k series owns a lot of advantages.

Universal body

With a versatile body widely used by more 10 types of plants and Combining with an alternative package of equipment, it’s a "Transformers of Real Time" which will directly bring customers convenience. Besides it also owns many advantages such as fast delivery, rich options of upgrading of the production line and versatile main devices, etc. Based on these advantages, customers can upgrade the purchased machine only by buying host device without purchasing the frame repeatedly or reforming the frame.

Taking the frame as a platform, the host equipment can be upgraded and replaced. (for example: According to the capacity requirement, a CS160 Cone Crusher can upgraded into a 220 multi-cylinder cone crusher or a 250 single-cylinder cone crusher; the model 1860 vibrating screen can be upgraded to the model 2160 vibrating screen; a pure vibrating screen models can be upgraded to a production line contains the installation of crusher and screen. Therefore, customers can upgrade and expand the stone producing line just by purchasing the main equipments and related parts made by our company. There is no need to invest on the carrying platform.

If the customer purchase our new generation wheel mobile station, the host device can mix and match to make periodic exchange (impact crusher and cone crusher, or jaw crusher host interchange) to respond to the changing processing requirements of sand and gravel in remote areas.

Universal frame has maximized compatibility with various models. Batch of frame and universal parts can be pre-produced which can save cost of non-standard production. Based on skilled craftsmanship, the quality and stability of product are more reliable. We can make quantitatively pre-inventory reserves to guarantee fast delivery for orders and significant decline the cost for customers.

vibrating screen with adjustable angle

Optimizing the grate structure width of vibrating feeder and the pre-screening grate stratification; increasing improvement measures such as the installation angle adjustment function (18 ° ~ 25 ° adjustable), enhancing the overall combination and processing capabilities of mobile crushing station (under the circumstances of same installed power, mobile crushing station has significant advantage of whole capacity than fixed sand production line); please see the schematic of Figure 1, Figure 2.

Vibrating feeder pre-screening schematic
Figure 1: Vibrating feeder pre-screening schematic
Vibrating screen angle adjustable schematic
Figure 2:Vibrating screen angle adjustable schematic

quick installation hydraulic outrigger pedestal

The body is equipped with hydraulic outrigger cylinders. Hydraulic outrigger can lifting chassis synchronously with large stroke. The quick installation hydraulic outrigger pedestal is optional. The mobile station can be quickly stationed in jobsites (without foundation hardened and fixed) and then work quickly in the job site to achieve small-scale movement effect approximate to crawler device. Without base cement hardening, the customer site can be installed and operated after leveling the ground. Please see Figure 3:

installation diagram of hydraulic outrigger under steel plate
Figure 3 installation diagram of hydraulic outrigger under steel plate

screening bar hopper

The new configuration of screening bar hopper plays a significant role in optimizing the structure of production line, stabilizing production and improving flexibility of customer demand for solutions.

For river gravel production, bulk materials can be pre-screening without primary crushing. Only one mobile crushing station can meet customer’s demand to save investment costs. For cone crusher, using bar screen silos will achieve uniform feeding in full chamber to increase production dramatically.

For mobile screening station, we improve both of the hoppers so that the external belt conveyor can be multi-directional mounted. It will be convenient to transport stone in the process of mobile station production. The edge plate of external belt conveyor is also optimized to prevent the materials from leaking.

cycloid motor hydraulic drive

Automotive belt conveyor adopt adjustable speed mode which adjust the belt speed based on material handling and reduce energy consumption. The drive roller of belt conveyor changed from original arc electromechanical gear motor drive to hydraulic cycloid motor drive. The belt conveyor also provides overload protection function to reduce repairing and maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the functions of speed control and anti-reverse are also added. Please see Figure blow.

headstock of belt conveyor and regulated speed motor working diagram

water spray and dust suppression system

We add water spray and dust suppression system which is designed to meet the environmental requirements of the customer’s working site.

upgrade for the frame material

We upgrade the frame material from the original Q235a steel to Q345b steel which is suitable for low temperature and vibration load environment with higher strength. (Changing the material is mainly to deal with carrying capacity. Improving material quality will make the carrying capacity even larger and the whole performance more stable.)

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