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What is a Mobile or Semi-Mobile Crushing Plants?

Question: What is a Mobile or Semi-Mobile Crushing Plants?

Reply: In a shallow quarry the benches will be advanced over distances of hundreds of meters. If trucks are used to move broken material then provision must be made to increase the fleet in line with the extra distance to ensure that production is maintained. An alternative (with considerable cost savings) is to erect the primary crusher in the quarry and transport the product from it by conveyer belt. To maximize the reductions in the fleet of trucks the crusher can be mobile or semi mobile. It can be advanced with the quarry faces maintaining a fixed tramming distance.
Mobile (Portable) Crushing Plant
A mobile plant is one that can move itself without assistance from outside forces. There are a variety of moving mechanisms available to suit different applications. Hydraulic walking pads are favoured in quarries with reasonably smooth floors. Their advantage is that the can turn on the spot. Crawler tracks can follow a face working over floors with poor load bearing qualities. Pneumatic tyred crushers move quickly compared to the other mechanisms and are suited to frequent movement.ver:
Semi-Mobile Crushing Plant
These plants have no independent means of movement and either has to be towed or lifted by special transporters. They are selected when a change of location is only necessary at long intervals. If the working face is straight and proceeds in one direction the crusher chassis can be rail mounted to ease movement. This is accomplished by means of a towing vehicle. Wheels are retracted when the crusher is in operation. contact us for more detail information.

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